Eat 22
Ellie Harrison
11 March 2001 - 11 March 2002

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Since its completion in 2002, Eat 22 has received a wide amount of press coverage across the globe - around the UK, across Europe, Asia and America. Here you can download PDF scans of the most significant articles. Articles are reproduced in their native languages and are listed with the most recent first.

Eat 22, Ambulanz (Germany) June 2016 (p.28)
Eat 22, Čilichili (Czech Republic) April 2013 (p.20)
Unchained Eating A Thousand Times, FHM (Taiwan) April 2007 (p.22-23)
I Photographed Everything I Ate For A Year, New! (UK) 29 November 2004 (p.68-69)
I Photographed Everything I Ate For A Year, Sunday Mirror (UK) 8 August 2004 (Celebs p.28-29)
Ellie Makes A Meal Of It, Bristol Evening Post (UK) 29 January 2004 (This is Bristol p.18)
Recording Artist, Nottingham Evening Post (UK) 10 January 2004 (Weekend p.4)
Treat Yourself Review, AN Magazine (UK) August 2003 (p.6)
A Day In The Life, The Washington Times (USA) 28 May 2003 (p.3)
Ellie Älskar All Mat, Internet World (Sweden) February 2003 (p.31)
Je Mange Donc Je Suis, MAX (France) May 2002 (p.18-19)
An Exciting Museum, Ananda Vikatan (India) 14 April 2002 (p.79-80)
Snappy Snacks! Nottingham Evening Post (UK) 25 March 2002 (p.3)
Eat Me! The Guardian (UK), 21 March 2002 (Online p.6)
Eat 22 Events Preview, The Guardian (UK) 9-15 March 2002 (The Guide p.40)
Hard Act To Swallow, Ealing & Acton Gazette (UK) 8 March 2002 (p.19)
Diet Hard, The Face (UK) March 2002 (p.64)