Eat 22
Ellie Harrison
11 March 2001 - 11 March 2002

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In order to carry out Eat 22 Ellie Harrison followed these strict rules:

- All food must be photographed before it is eaten.
- All food photographed must then be consumed.
- Any additional food eaten, not included in the original photograph, must be photographed separately (second helpings, extra portions, desserts etc).
- In places where photography is prohibited (cinemas etc), food must be photographed prior to entering or not consumed at all.
- In the case of party food (crisps in bowls etc), wherever possible all handfuls should be photographed.
- Liquid is exempt, however drinks which are considered to have some solid content should be photographed (soups etc).
- Chewing gum is also exempt as it is not consumable.
- If any of these rules are broken, details must be recorded in the log.